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            warranty period

            1. Non-human performance failure occurs within 7 days from the date of purchase, you can choose to return, exchange or repair

            2. Non-human performance failure occurs within 15 days from the date of purchase, you can choose to exchange or repair.

            3. Non-man-made performance failure occurs within 1 year from the date of purchase, the company promises free warranty.

            Non-warranty regulations:

            The warranty service is only valid under normal use. The damage caused by human reasons and the following terms are not covered by the free warranty:

            1. Product damage caused by user negligence, negligence, misuse or damage caused by disasters (such as: food liquid staining, product water ingress, external force cracking, scratches and damage of peripheral components, etc.).

            2. The user disassembles the machine by himself, and repairs and modifications not authorized by the manufacturer (such as damage caused by color change, installation or any unauthorized change).

            After-sales service telephone: 020-34929888

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