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            Development trend and market analysis of mobile phone fast charging technology

            Time: 2020-05-22 11:41:19

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            Today, Qianyuan machine has made great progress in materials and functions. For example, touch ID, the killer function of iPhone 5S, is now "everywhere" in Qianyuan machine. It can be said that there are few mobile phone products that do not support fingerprint identification. After fingerprint recognition, the fast charging function has been used by thousands of yuan because of its strong practicability. Throughout 2015, there are only two thousand yuan machines with fast charging function. After entering 2016, the number of thousand yuan machines equipped with fast charging function has increased. It can be seen that with the further maturity of the industrial chain, the fast charging function will be adopted by more thousand yuan machines. Today, we'll talk about fast charging.

            Nowadays, thousand yuan machine products in China always give consumers the illusion that thousand yuan machine can catch up with flagship products in terms of appearance, material and function. It can be said that under the premise that the flagship aircraft has not yet launched a new round of innovation, most of the functions it carries have been put on the thousand yuan aircraft. Although the emergence of this situation has an inseparable relationship with the marketing strategy of the manufacturer. But the most important reason for the comprehensive popularization of these functions is that the relevant technologies are quite mature.

            Analysis of fast charging principle

            At present, there are two main ways to realize fast charging technology, one is to use high voltage, the other is to use high current. Qualcomm's qc3.0 and MediaTek's pep fast charging technology are representatives of the high voltage scheme. Because these two manufacturers provide many processor chips at the same time, there are many fast charging products supporting QC standard and PEP standard, and the number of third-party accessories is also large. You should know that the above two fast charging standards do not require the use of specific wire (do not buy the one with particularly poor quality). In addition, fast charging will inevitably encounter the problem of large heat. And when the mobile phone is running, the efficiency of fast charging will be reduced to some extent.

            The vooc flash charging of oppo is the representative of the high current scheme, which ensures the high input current by using the customized interface. By customizing the safety chip, vooc can ensure the safety of charging to a large extent and better control the heating during charging. However, since the technology is developed by oppo, no third-party adaptation products will be seen on the market. The design and manufacturing cost of the charger is high, and special wire is needed. All of the above will increase the cost when consumers buy products. Therefore, whether it is QC, PEP or vooc, there are advantages and disadvantages.

            Fast charging technology has been widely used

            We all know that if any high-end technology wants to be popularized to the public domain, it must have a mature industrial chain. In fact, after several years of development, QC standard and PEP standard have reached a very mature stage. On the other hand, today's fast charging technology is no longer exclusive to flagship chips, and low and medium-end processors are also starting to support it. Through a complete set of solutions provided by processor manufacturers (such as Qualcomm and MediaTek), mobile phone manufacturers are naturally willing to promote fast charging technology.

            In addition, in such a market environment, market demand drives the development of third-party chip manufacturers. For example, Ti, Fairchild and so on, have launched the fast charging chipset. You know, the performance of these third-party charging chips is even better than the official standard products. As a result, the choice of mobile phone manufacturers has become rich. For example, on flagship phones, mobile phone manufacturers can choose to carry flagship fast charging chips with strong performance, while on low-end phones, they can choose chips with general performance. Such a balanced cost is also a good thing for

            In fact, in today's mobile phone field, as long as one manufacturer has launched a thousand yuan machine with fast charging function, there will be other manufacturers to follow up. In case of no breakthrough in battery technology, fast charging technology is the best way to solve the problem of endurance. Such a powerful function on a thousand yuan machine is bound to be a very important selling point. Therefore, in order to ensure the competitiveness of products, once someone opens the door, it's only a matter of time before it's popularized on the thousand yuan machine.

            In the future, what will be transferred to the thousand yuan machine?

            In addition to fast charging, dual cameras are coming down from the altar to welcome the baptism of the thousand yuan market, what other functions will be gradually decentralized? Maybe it's an independent audio chip.

            Nowadays, streaming media prevails. As content providers begin to provide more high-quality music, consumers' requirements for the sound quality of mobile phones have naturally improved accordingly. In the early days, only the flagship can be equipped with independent audio chips. Now some smart phones with mid-range positioning and even a thousand yuan level have begun to play the audio metaphysics. The most famous one here is probably the cdla Audio Technology launched by LETV. Although the actual effect is yet to be verified, it at least creates a sense of "being tall".

            As you know, the popularity of smart phones has also promoted the upgrading of upstream audio hardware supply chain. For example, ESS, AKM, etc. have launched audio solutions for smart phones, which are convenient for mobile phone manufacturers to use directly. So the next function will be put into the thousand yuan mobile phone, which is probably an independent audio chip.


            With the continuous maturity of the supply chain, the functions of Qianyuan machine will become more and more perfect. Although there is always a certain distance between Qianyuan machine and its flagship products. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market of thousand yuan mobile phones, it is expected that thousand yuan mobile phones will be more cost-effective in the future. To get the best experience with the least money is the best thing for consumers.

            Development trend and market analysis of mobile phone fast charging technology
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