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            Bluetooth Series

            Mini Stealth Bluetooth Small Headphones

            Big hidden in the city, small hidden in the ear

            USB Charger

            Porous portable charger

            Porous fast charging, convenient and fast

            Wire-controlled earphone series

            In-ear earphone

            Listen to the sound of nature

            Power bank series

            Large capacity mobile power

            Small and lightweight, convenient and fast


            ABOUT US




            Guangdong STIGER Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


            STKGERgroup has diversified development, involving electronics, mother and child, finance, real estate development, etc. In the field of electronic products, especially the power supply and adapter categories in the industry, we have a high degree of recognition, 11 years of professional production experience, and provide services for famous brands such as Lenovo, TCL and other OEM. The company owns Fuzhou stek Industrial Park and Guangdong stek Industrial Park to be constructed, of which Fuqing Industrial Park covers an area of 42496 ㎡ and a building area of 75240 ㎡. The company has successively won the honorary titles of "Guangdong high tech enterprise", "Guangdong famous brand product", "national 4A class standardized good behavior enterprise" and "Guangdong top 500 manufacturing enterprises" The R & D department has 57 R & D related personnel (1 graduate student, 3 senior engineers) and has established long-term development cooperation with some universities


            2008 Year

            Established Nansha

            58 +

            Industry coverage

            36 +


            470 +

            Research results




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            Guangdong STIGER Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the choice of more than 800 enterprises!

            Stark Group has diversified development, involving electronics, maternal and child, finance, real estate development, etc.


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